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and this:

greatest insult
so my fiance and i were thinking of random names to call people(insults) lol and we came up with... dun dun dunnn..


bahahahahahahahahahaha XD

the roof
seth nice
so my fiance and i thought itd be cool to climb up our fire escape to our third story rooftop. bad idea. we BARELY got up. the ladder is kinda flush against the building and very scary lol

we got up, sat and watched some pitiful fireworks, and almost cried tryin to get back down :(

she was shaking for 15 minutes   D:

never again...

50's music
chocolate milk
today i was reminded how much i LOVE doo wop and rockabilly from the 50's.

i could listen to it all day long and i still have no idea how i know all of these songs. maybe movies like stand by me or something.


Haunted basement
So last night we were just messing around and recorded some weird noises on our phone in the basement. A couple of times there's a whispered "hi" . Then someone whispered "Jason" (my name) really fast.   Im pretty sure there was a "Im hiding"

The scariest of all was "Hi, Please Leave."

im cleaning up the audio soon and i might post it on my blog ...


dinner:) lasagna r
goodnight moon
so we were grocery shopping and decided to try lasagna. weve never made it before:/  amanda my gf is making it and were just gonna wing it on how long it cooks. we have no clue lol

couple bw
I live in an old apartment building that has radiator heaters that are kicked on by a thermostat downstairs. turns out our management thought it'd be warm so they turned off the heaters completely. It was 14 degrees last night. So we're really really cold and when we called management, they were out for the weekend. The answering service said they cant do anything and that management left a note saying wait until they get back or something. They've gotten tons of calls all night and day and all they can do is fax management and wait until they get back. At least we have each other to keep warm. <33

oh by WE, i mean my girlfriend Amanda and I :D  

shes uhmazing<3

First time using lj.
Ok,  so I've NEVER used lj before and I was convinced by my girlfriend that it was better than other sites, so I joined :) 
From everything I've seen so far its wayy better<3

I think I'm going to love this site:D

A few things you might want to know about me. My name is Jason and I'm 22 years old. You'll find out more if you read what I post lol.


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